Pithy and relevant. Good reminders to designers.” – Vint Cerf, Internet Pioneer.

“This is the book I wish I’d had around throughout my journey as a software architect. It’s charming, approachable, and full of wisdom — you’ll learn things you’ll come back to again and again.” – Grady Booch, IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist, IBM.

“Software design is central to our lives today and this book provides fun aphorisms that guide software designers to improve their craft.” – Owen O’Malley, Co-Founder and Technical Fellow, Hortonworks.


“The book should be valuable to many: If you want to be an expert software designer, this book provides an overview of the skills and knowledge you need to develop. If you want to recruit such a person, this provides a set of key indicators and interview prompts. If you are in one of those software development organisations which believes that quality architecture can somehow emerge by magic from the unguided work of undifferentiated coders, this might make you think again.” – Andrew Johnson, reviewing the book on his blog Thoughts on the World.

“The book does a fantastic job encouraging the soft skills that are often overlooked by younger engineers.” – Blaine and Rob Willhoft, reviewing the book in Computing in Science and Engineering.

“This is a great little book. … The content, while in itself brief, is relevant, profound and thought provoking, serving to reinforce what the reader is currently doing right, and implicitly suggesting ways in which current practice may be improved. As such, I’d recommend this to software designers at all stages of their career.” – Patrick Hill, reviewing the book for the British Computer Society (BCS) (http://www.bcs.org/content/conWebDoc/57241).

“This is a compact yet essential book behind which lies decades of empirical research. The illustrations nicely capture the core message, and the structure chosen is interesting in itself (“experts reflect, experts borrow”, etc).” – Niall, 5-star review on Amazon.com.

“This is a great little book. Full of insights abstracted from working software designers. You’ll find yourself nodding at times, making notes on practices to try, and thinking of all the people you want to read this.” – Brenda Michelson, 5-star review on Amazon.com.

“This is an interesting concept, and while some of the ideas contained in the book seem quite obvious, when was the last time you stopped and thought about how the way you work?” – I Programmer, http://www.i-programmer.info/bookreviews/20-theory/10573-software-design-decoded-66-ways-experts-think.html.

“Fun, contemplative, and cheerful illustrations for moments of need. A good reminder of what’s most to admire in the best of us, as well as a gentle nudge to get us there–thought, pragmatism, equality, curiosity, perspective, and vision, among many others.” – Devin Brown, 5-star review on goodreads.com.

“This fantastic book contains numerous aphorisms and axioms for people who actually design code (not just write code).” – Daylight Reviews, 5-star review on Amazon.com.

“If you are semi-expert or at least fairly seasoned in software design, this book is a gem. Think of it as a constant reminder to deliberately prod you about some of the better practices.” – A. Tiwana, 4-star review on Amazon.com.

“What surprised and delighted me, as a comic artist and designer who knows absolutely nothing about software design, is just how applicable the ideas contained in this book are to any design work. If you work in the creative industries and your job involves design, problem solving and the need for disciplined, ‘outside-the-box’ thinking, then you will find this work of great interest.” – The Astral Gypsy, http://theastralgypsy.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/software-design-decoded-66-ways-experts.html?m=1.

“Nice, compact summary behind which lies decades of empirical research. The illustrations are quite nice as well.” – Neil, 5-star review on goodreads.com.

“The minute you see Software Design Decoded, you will want to hold it, explore it, and get a copy of your own. (Plus a few extra to give as gifts.)” – nyc member, 5-star review on Amazon.com.

“Excellent book about software design and how expert think about that. Good illustrations for all the 66 tips. Note that it is a short read.” – Karl Metivier, 5-star review on goodreads.com.

“A book to leave on your desk and dip into repeatedly over time.” – Perry, 4-star review on Amazon.com.

“A nice pocket book with summary over good practices software designers implement.” – Boyan Mihaylov, 5-star review on goodreads.com.